Who is Eros?

Eros Risiglione is a designer currently based in Eindhoven. He graduates in 2023 from the bachelor program at Design Academy Eindhoven. His focus is currently on designing temporary sculptures and building with bio(degradable)materials.

He has worked on several projects including bio design, social design, furniture design, exhibition design, product design and spatial design.
When Eros creates he designs with local materials and uses the smallest amount of carbon footprint possible. With this approach his work is mostly carbon neutral and striving to be regenerative.

When Eros is not designing he is likely listening to music, playing vinyl on his record player, DJing at rararadio or just wandering with his Canon AE-1 in his hand. 
People describe Eros as genuine, enthusiastic and driven.

His work can be seen under the heading Work
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